City Kids Magazine Green Awards 2023

City Kids Magazine Green Awards 2023

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We are delighted that we have been awarded HIGHLY COMMENDED  for Best Fashion Brand award for the City Kids Magazine Green Awards 2023!

Thank you so much to City Kids Magazine team for sharing our sustainability journey and it is a honour and privilege to be able to share our journey with like minded businesses!

Having an ethically manufactured business is such a personal value for me and I believe that I’d rather not have a brand at all than do so in a way that compromised my core values as person.

Thank you so much to The City Kids Magazine editorial team for this opportunity!

We are at the beginning of our sustainability journey and are continuously looking for new ways to improve processes to protect our planet. We have so much more to show the world yet and we can’t wait……!!!!

Read what the panel had to say below!

Ira & Isla

Proudly made in England, Ira & Isla’s designs are inspired by silhouettes from the 1900’s and are made with traditional production methods. Fine detailing such as smocks and lace trimmings play an important part in the elegance and timelessness of the garments.

Sustainability is at the core of the business, minimising waste through design practice and packaging with recyclable materials. The team works with manufacturers that offer low minimum order quantities which allow us to produce new designs and reduce waste. It was fundamental to us to manufacture our products as possible in the UK to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Extending the lifespan of all products and minimising waste is at the core of Ira & Isla Baby and Kids. Dresses are made to last and pass on. The starting point is a high-quality product, from there landfill wastage is naturally reduced. Extending the product life cycle is achieved through design including generous sizing, deeper hems which can be taken down to help ensure garments fit for two or even three years.

Ira & Isla is committed to reducing its carbon footprint including working with UK suppliers, reducing the number of air and road miles between factories and the studio. Additionally, all the cardboard and tissue use for packaging are made from recycled materials. Plastics are not used.

What the City Kids Magazine judges said:

“I love the exquisite vintage-inspired designs.” Yvadney Davis, Fashion Stylist 

“A gorgeous heritage feel range that keeps its carbon footprint down with UK based production and supply. These are dresses made with old fashioned techniques that will last. Clothes to be treasured and handed down”. Eleonore CromptonCity Kids Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor

“The passion for a more sustainable approach to children’s fashion shines through this entry from Ira & Isla.” Victoria Evans, City Kids Magazine Editor

“Beautiful heritage British designs totally timeless in their look and with the ability to pass down to generations.  The use of UK suppliers is also a very commendable achievement. I love this brand and what they are doing in the industry.” Neev Spencer, DJ and broadcaster

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