Our Story

I had a love of making things from a very young age. I grew up in rural Lancashire, memories of my own childhood and my mother’s influence on me are vivid. As a child I watched my mother sew my dresses for everyday wear and for special occasions and she always brought us up to look our best.
I always found a great passion and aptitude for Fashion and Textile. This led me to London, where I studied both fields, at London College of Fashion and then fell into secondary teaching, but all the while a passion for children’s fashion was growing. Whilst in London, I met my husband. We fell in love & were married in 2010 Chelsea, London.
I have 5 young children; my children and family are a large part of my life and the reason behind Ira & Isla Baby and Kids. Ira & Isla was established after the birth of my first child Ira, followed by Isla, Harit, and Harjit. In June 2017 we welcomed another new addition to their, our lives, a beautiful baby girl named Ana.
After the birth of my first child Ira, not being able to find garments which were well made I started designing and sewing samples using my expertise in sewing and pattern cutting.  Simplicity, durability, and timelessness and most importantly garments that are all potential heirlooms, creating pieces that long after the original wearer has outgrown the clothes, they can be passed on to brothers and sisters, their children, and even grandchildren.
As a mother of five, I know how important it is to find clothes that are practical and that stand the test of time. Our timeless designs guarantee pure comfort for little ones. Our designs are practical and beautiful, inspired by vintage silhouettes of early 1900’s that are rich in intricate detailing. Each garment is proudly designed and made in Great Britain using traditional production methods an ethos which is an integral part of the brand. We use French binding, lace trimmings, delicate smocking on the yoke of dresses and beautiful details which denote quality and elegance in design and reflect the skill and care of the seamstresses.
From the first sketches to the packaging, we take care of every detail for an impeccable result.
Our collections are carefully, slowly, and sustainably made by hand in Britain, manufacturing in limited quantities. We pride ourselves on standing apart in an industry dominated by mass- production and out-sourcing.

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Ira & Isla

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